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Model: R6020


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Re: Connection

what is your question?

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Re: Connection

I am trying to connect to the interent and It will not work. I have set up the router and its connected. It is a new router. I called the internet company and they said the internet is turned on in my apartment and should be working.

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Re: Connection

Have you connected a wired PC directly to the Internet line? Does it work there?


What have you done? Be specific please. On the router, what LED's are lit and what color?


Are you connecting wired, wireless, and if wireless, have you tried all SSID's? Do you even SEE any SSID's?


More information is a lot better than NONE!

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Re: Connection

There is support and a manual for the R6020 somewhere at the end of this link:


>>>> R6020 | Product | Support | NETGEAR <<<<


Read the Quick Start guide.


Tell us which bits don't work for you.


Just another user.

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