Corrupted firmware DHCP will not work


Corrupted firmware DHCP will not work

Whenever my router is powered down or reset it will not automatically assign IP addresses when it is powered back up.  The only solution that I have found is to re-install the firmware.  Also, only certain versions of the firmware allow the DHCP to function properly.


Has anybody found a better, more effective solution to this issue?


Is there a hardware component malfunctioning on my router that I can get repaired?

Model: R7500|Nighthawk X4 AC2350 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Corrupted firmware DHCP will not work

Which firmware version are you on now?


Have you reset the box to factory settings and set it up from scratch?


That will be high on the list of things that the support people suggest.






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Re: Corrupted firmware DHCP will not work

This problem isn’t firmware related.  It happens on all of the firmware i have run (3+ versions). I have factory reset and set up from scratch. What it reminds me of is some old computers that i have worked on that have bad batteries on their motherboard. When power is completely removed they get corrupted and need reloaded or reconfigured. Do the NightHawk’s have an internal battery?

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Re: Corrupted firmware DHCP will not work

All firmware and config storage is done on Flash memory.
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