D7800 LED's not working

I recently sold my D7800 on Ebay, it was working perfectly fine when I sold it but I reset it just before sending it and now the guy who bought it is claiming that none of the LED's work besides the power one (Wifi, lan etc... all work fine it's just the LED's).


Apparently the switch on the back is switched to ON and he's enabled them in the router settings and still doesn't work, anyone know what's wrong? 

These are the pictures he sent.


s-l1600 (3).jpgs-l1600 (2).jpgs-l1600 (1).jpgs-l1600.jpg

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Re: D7800 LED's not working

Wasn’t able to view the photos but the LED function is also changeable in advance settings in the GUI. This may override the switch on the back. Double check it.
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