DLNA Media Server rescan


DLNA Media Server rescan

How does one invoke R7000 to rescan for new media files on the DLNA Media Server? I added new file and after overnight, they still do not show up.

Interesting that the folder shows up when access from a DLNA client but nothing inside.

Using a Windows PC to access the Readyshare network folder shows all the files and folders within.

Does anyone know if there is an implicit folder organization that the R7000 Media server expect? Netgear documentation is really poor on this subject.

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Re: DLNA Media Server rescan

There appears to be no built in way to do this.

I turned the DLNA off and then deleted the folder in the root of my attached storage named .ReadyDLNA, which I assume contains the DB of media. I then restarted the DLNA and it scanes the publicly readable shares on the drive for media.

The DLNA service really needs some improvement. I was unable to play media from most clients in my home, some would show nothing, others get down the the file level and then see no media. Mostly was OK, none of the MP4 vid files would show.
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Re: DLNA Media Server rescan

Thanks for the tip.
Guess turn off/on DLNA is the only way to force a scan. Given the price of this router, I am not impressed with the firmware.

The shared folders lack of individual passwords is also another bad implementation. Gave up my hope of setting an FTP access from outside. It is admin password or no password. Who allow for such releases.
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Re: DLNA Media Server rescan

I am not 100% sure but I think the refresh button on the media server page will do the trick as well. I know it is suppose to scan and check for a newly attached drive per the help description. I have used it and it appears to do a fresh DLNA scan for me.
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