DLNA UPnP AV Server not working at all:


DLNA UPnP AV Server not working at all:



I decided to make this discussion because it seems many people are reporting similar problems in different threads. The main issue is that the router DLNA server is not working as it should, at least not in the latest, V1.0.3.4_1.1.2 , firmware.


The router recognizes the files using Windows SMB protocol and I can manipulate them normally. However, the DLNA server simply shows no files. Once, after resetting the modem, I could see all the files on the service. After I disconnected the hard drive, I couldn't make it appear again.


If I save just one file in one pendrive (like a Movie) it works. However, the DLNA Server can't/doesn't find or index anything in the hard drive, even though I can see the files through Windows Network Sharing.


This ticket is still opened on netgear support, but no one contacted me back about that. So, does anyone have the same issues as me? If so, is there a fix for it already or is it a problem with the firmware?

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: DLNA UPnP AV Server not working at all:

i seem to having same problem, i show files threw the network but does not see the files when i go to them from the dlna...


ill be exceited to see what they say about this



Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: DLNA UPnP AV Server not working at all:

Hi nelsonwcf,


Have you received any feedback from support? If not, please check again with them for any resolution.

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Re: DLNA UPnP AV Server not working at all:

I contacted them, yes,  but the support was hideous. The agent who contacted me didn't know the difference between (\\ - SMB/CIFS Windows Protocol) and DLNA AV Server. I took almost 1:30 min to explain that problem was not with the file sharing but with DLNA server (I'm just going to skip the ridiculous details of the conversation). To the Netgear Support: Having a customer support more clueless than Comcast or AT&T is an achievement. Rejoice!


Now for the answer: In my (educated) guess, it's 95% chance of being firmware issue regarding DLNA implementation.


Since it's not going to be fixed soon, the alternatives are:

1. use one movie at a time in a clean pen drive;

2. disconnect storage and Hard Reset the router and then plug it back (not absolutely sure about that because I did it only once and did not try again - if you do it and it works, do not remove the unit again or you will be back to the same problem - I, again, suspect it has something to do with automated media scanning that was taken out of the current firmware version for some obscure reason);

3. wait for OpenWRT to add support for the R8000;

4. buy an external media server (I'm using a Banana Pi SoC - that was my solution);

5. return it an buy an Asus (even though the support is not much better, the community is bigger).


Sorry I can't be of more help.

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