Does QOS disable CTF / Hardware acceleration?

On the R7800, I have an Xbox one and Synology Nas plugged into the lab ports. Apple tvs, iMac, laptops and other devices are on wifi. Have 1 gig internet with Comcast. Would QOS benefit me? Does it disable hardware acceleration on the router (which is needed with fast internet connection)?
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Re: Does QOS disable CTF / Hardware acceleration?

Yes, it disables CTF.  QoS would not benefit you with a 1 Gbps connection, so leave it off.  Leave WMM on, however.  It's required for high-speed Wi-Fi.

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Re: Does QOS disable CTF / Hardware acceleration?

Where is WMM setting?


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Re: Does QOS disable CTF / Hardware acceleration?

I agree with TheEther. QoS is most beneficial if you have a slow(ish) connection with many devices all competing for their share


That said, there's no real hardware acceleration in consumer WIFI routers based on Broadcom and QCA chips. CTF is cheating that bypasses some portions of the networking stack so it can push packets as soon as they arrive. There's no hardware packet engine on board of these chips and all is done in software. If you want real hardware processing, you'll need to get an Edge Router X or similar that uses a SoC with a dedicated packet processor on board...


WMM should be in your advanced WIFI settings

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