Re: Does signal radiate evenly around antenna?


Does signal radiate evenly around antenna?

I just bought the AC1900 Nighthawk. Does the wireless signal radiate out evenly around the antenna or does it come from the front of the antenna's? In other words, do I aim the front of the antenna's in the direction I want the signal to go? I have it in the basement corner now, do I aim the front of the antenna's toward the rest of the house or doesn't it matter? Also, what do the angles of the side antenna's do? Is the wider the angle the better? Thanks for your help.
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Re: Does signal radiate evenly around antenna?

antenannas: left and right @ 45° , middle @ 90° avoid physical obstructions at least 3 feet away from other home appliances (including TV) Stay away from walls even if its behind the routers (2 feet minimum) Leave it there and dont think about it.
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Re: Does signal radiate evenly around antenna?

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Re: Does signal radiate evenly around antenna?

From my experience, no, the wireless signal doesn't radiate evenly around the antenna. The way that I deal with this here is to pick the farthest spot from the router that I use regularly, and move the router orientation around until I get the strongest 5GHz. signal there. Given the shape of my house, the 5GHz. signal is then fine everywhere else, in addition to where I have it optimally oriented to. It does make a big difference how I have the router oriented for 5GHz. in particular.

I don't care about the 2.4GHz. signal, since I don't use that band unless I have guests. 2.4GHz. signal strength is generally less of a problem, anyways, which is probably why I don't use it as much...lots of neighboring 2.4GHz. wireless networks here. 5GHz. is much better for me, virtually nothing there, just one other very low-level signal here.

Haven't played much with the for me here is with the outer two antennas at about 45 degrees from vertical outward from the router, and the middle antenna straight up. And all 3 antennas are in the same plane when viewed from the side.

I get the strongest signal in that farthest spot in my house by "aiming the router" at that specific area. Then do fine tuning around that orientation.

As has been said, put the router up as high as you can, and clear of obstacles. My router is sitting on a pile of books on the top shelf of the bookcase at the back of my computer desk. In the open, high up, nothing metallic near it.
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