Download Speed limited when Dynamic QoS is enabled Nighthawk X6 R8000

Can someone help me please I've found that when I enable Dynamic QoS on my Nighthawk X6 R8000 even if there is little or no usage from other devices on the network the router appears to be throttling the download speed of any device on the network? I have approx. 70MB/s download speed (with 18MB/s upload) however with Dynamic QoS on my PC or my XBOX only seem to get a maximum of around 17MB/s when I speed test them. If I disable Dynamic QoS then I get more like the maximum available speed of the connection. I've tried changing settings for individual devices to 'High' or 'Highest' priority, however, this makes no difference? With other routers I've owned the QoS doesn't throttle the maximum download speed they just prioritise based on settings? Also if I use the router without Dynamic QoS is there a way to manually configure QoS?
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