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DumaOS for R7800 (X4S)


 As we already know DumaOS was developed and beta tested on the R7800, additionally the hardware is basically identical to the XR500. Netgear is an open company and provides sources for their firmwares so it seems odd that DumaOS which was developed on the R7800 is not yet available for that router. 


Currently i am already running DumaOS on my R7800 since a few weeks without any issues, but unfortunatley this requires to adjust the XR500 firmware source and this adjustment needs to be done each time a new firmware is realsed. This is a little bit bothering and inconvenient.


So my suggestion is that Netgear releases the DumaOS for the R7800. I love DumaOS but i don't like Netgear forcing people to pay for the same hardware again just to get automatic updates...

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Re: DumaOS for R7800 (X4S)

The whole point of DumaOS seems to be justify charging a heck of a lot more for the router. So Netgear is unlikely to give away this feature for nothing.


But Netgear has been testing other features that rely on the subscription model. It already sells "Disney Circle".


So that could be an alternative approach. Give people the option to take out an annual subscription to DumaOS. That seems to be the way that the software industry is moving.

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Re: DumaOS for R7800 (X4S)

Hi wildwestman, 


I recommend posting your suggestion on our Idea Exchange board. Our Product Managers review the board for great ideas to be implemented in future releases. Link is


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Re: DumaOS for R7800 (X4S)

The thing that really ticks me off is that the QoS is broken in the stock firmware for the X4S R7800.  Seems like it hasn't worked right since release.  At least with DumaOS we'd have something that REAL devs put together instead of the sloppy/broken firmware we have to suffer with currently.

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