Emailling the Log Files


Emailling the Log Files

Anyone figure out how to setup the mail logs function to work with gmail or yahoo? I get the error:

[email failed] Must issue a STARTTLS command first, Monday, Mar 24,2014 20:01:25

Trying to use smtp on port 25
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Re: Emailling the Log Files

I don't use Gmail or for that matter Google. I do e-mail my router logs, but to a secondary private account. Having said that, have you read this here?
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Re: Emailling the Log Files

Port 25 is blocked by several US ISP's
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Re: Emailling the Log Files

OK Tried ports 465 and 587. Still getting the following error:

[email failed] Must issue a STARTTLS command first. h90sm26901101qgf.3 - gsmtp, Tuesday, Mar 25,2014 09:25:39

It looks like the R7000 doesn't support TLS/SSL email traffic. I don't know if Netgear would work on this without enough people requesting this feature. Probably not. Not even sure if the STARTTLS message is being generated by Gmail or the R7000.
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Re: Emailling the Log Files

ports 465 and 587.

It always been not supported for years
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Re: Emailling the Log Files

Gmail is sending daily logs to me OK. Using V1.0.3.24_1.1.20, Comcast ISP. Outgoing mail server: Send to this email address: Outgoing mail server port: 587 My mail server requires authentication: Enabled User Name: username (Comcast username) Password: password (Comcast password) Send alert immediately: Enabled Send logs according to schedule: Daily, 12:00 a.m. Good luck.
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Re: Emailling the Log Files

So to clarify the starttls error message, Hotmail and Gmail are not supported by this router?

I've configured the right or, with port 587 and still get the above error.

Please clarify.
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Re: Emailling the Log Files

I've hit the same issue. I was hoping the newer routers supported what the old routers could do. What appears to work for people is to find an email service that does not require SSL or TLS. The ComCast user account and other basic ISP email addresses typically do not require SSL or TLS for login.

Netgear needs to add this simple functionality:mad:.
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