Enabling Ports on R8000

I just bought an R8000. I have two devices that can't get an IP now. A Verizon network extender and a Cisco IP phone. I think it has something to do with certain ports needing enabled. Verizon suggests making sure that 500, 4500, 53, and 52428 are open. Not sure what the Cisco phone needs. I am not sure how to do this. Can someone help? TIA
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Re: Enabling Ports on R8000

Hello? Anyone?
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Re: Enabling Ports on R8000

Here is the link on how to configure the Port Forwarding:
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Re: Enabling Ports on R8000

Focus on the problem - if the two devices have no ip address futzing around opening ports is not going to make a difference. Why are the devices not getting an ip address? How do you know they are not getting an ip address? How do they/should they get an ip address? Where should they get an ip address from? A very common problem when a router is replaced is a possible change in the ip address range - some routers use the 192.168.0.x, others use 192.168.1.x - if the devices were previously configured with static addresses and the address ranges change, they may appear to have no ip address.

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