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Ethernet connection for Router and ISP Modem

Hey there, I didn't know where to find this nor Google didn't really help haha. So bear with me since I didn't know if there was a post on this or not.

Long story short, I have gig speed internet with AT&T. They gave a modem that has a built in wifi/ethernet ports. To my surprise, (Technician told me that their wifi on the modems are amazing), the wifi sucked... REALLY BAD. Got no signal or it was just dropping and I'm sitting in front of the modem. The ethernet port is fine though.


I have a lot of things hardwired into the modem, like my TV, XBOX, security system, computer, etc. Now my question is, I just bought this router from NETGEAR, (and it's amazing btw) can I use all ethernet ports on the router AND modem provided by my ISP? I know when I was setting up the wifi, it said to plug all ethernet ports into the router and leave the modem empty. However, I'm out of space :c

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Ethernet connection for Router and ISP Modem

As your ISP-modem is also a router it act as a DHCP server, you cannot simply add the R8000. As the WiFi is weak on your ISP-modem/router you have to find out if you can disable WiFi and add the R8000 as an access point only. If you don't have enough gig-ethernet ports you have to add a simple gigabit switch to one of the ethernet ports of the ISP-modem/router. 

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