Experience with installing R7000 Firmware

This was my experience with upgrading to .64 and downgrading back to .34.


  1. On the .34 firmware, I did a factory reset.
  2. After reboot, I upgraded to .64 - didn't make any additional changes except the startup setup.
  3. Factory reset again on .64.
  4. Setup the router again with manually entering all of my custom settings.
  5. Monitored the router for a few hours - multiple disconnects and reboots for over 4 hours.
  6. Downgraded to .34 and factory reset.
  7. Manually enter all of my custom settings again.
  8. Connected devices wouldn't show up so unable to setup reservations and services.
  9. Decided to install AdvancedTomato (AT) to wipe NVRAM and downgrade to a much older Netgear firmware.
  10. Connected via hardwire and manually configured IP on my laptop
  11. Uploaded initial AT file, rebooted router
  12. Uploaded latest version of AT
  13. Factory reset
  14. Cleared NVRAM
  15. Uploaded Tomato firmware downgrade file - downgrades the firmware to Netgear Firmware
  16. After reboot, logged into the router and factory reset - these instructions are all over the web.
  17. Upgraded the firmware to
  18. After reboot, logged into the router and factory.
  19. GUI language still showed
  20. Read about uploading firmware using TFTP.
  21. Tried to upload with my Mac but didn't work.
  22. Tried with my Windows laptop and I believe it "may" have worked.
    1. Followed these directions:
    2. It was really difficult to determine if it actually worked because after what seemed like it was "uploading", I saw 'Connection refused' error.
  23. Oddly, after holding down the 'Reset' button as mentioned in Steps 8-12, my settings didn't get wiped.
  24. After a few minutes of the router stabilizing, I logged into the router again and noticed the all the connected devices were showing up as expected, services and ports I had customized were still there and working normally and the GUI language version no longer showed up when I checked for a firmware update.
  25. Router has now been up for 9.5 hours without any disruptions across any of my devices.

I hope this helps some of you. Please let me know if I can help clarify anything. I tried to keep this as lean as possible to give an overview of what I did over 8 hours to have a stable router with solid speeds.

Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Rif.: Experience with installing R7000 Firmware

Hi, thanks for testing the .64 version, I have to say that Netgear support is getting worse, the last firmwares are really bad! Smiley Mad

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Re: Experience with installing R7000 Firmware

This is so frustrating and disappointing.

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