Extremely Slow USB 3.0 Speeds

I recently purchased the AC1900 NightHawk router. I've tried multiple USB 3.0 storage devices (multiple 3.0 thumb drives) and the read/writes speeds are always exactly 2.3 Mb/s read and write. These same exact drives, when plugged in to my computers, usually get over 80 Mb/s. I've tried accessing them over both Wi-Fi and ethernet and the result is always the same. I've tried accessing from both OS X and Linux machines as well so I don't think it's an issue with the test.


Running the latest Nighthawk firmware.


Anyone have any advice? The USB 3.0 port was one of the biggest reasons I bought this router, having such slow speeds has been a huge disappointment. 

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Re: Extremely Slow USB 3.0 Speeds

Hi Nightsd01,


Are you transferring a single large file or a large folder containing many files?

What is the format of your drive?

What is the firmware version of the router?





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Re: Extremely Slow USB 3.0 Speeds

I am having a similar issue. I have an ac3200 with usb 3 drive as media share. TV is ethernet, but tried wireless too. The video files will play 4 or 5 sevonds then buffer. tried updating to latest firmware today and still no good. Same thing from other devices connected using my media section in net genie app on ipad etc...
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