Facetime connection drop

When using R7000 + Facetime on my iPad Air, I keep losing the connection As long as I am near the router (within a couple of meters) I can use Facetime for hours without losing the connection. However, if I go >7-8 meters away from the router I start losing Facetime connection every couple of minutes. This is extremely annoying.

It makes me sad because my old WRT160n was slow but I never had issuse with Facetime connection dropping. I tried the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band and both give me the same result.

Any idea what else I could try to fix this issue?
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Re: Facetime connection drop

You might try a factory default reset and use the default settings other than WIFI and security and try again.

Use facetime all the time without a problem on iPadAir 2.4 or 5g no issue.
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Re: Facetime connection drop

Since it works at short distance but not after you move away then uou may want to look into adjust antenna

Not sure you are using far away from router on the same floor or upper/lower floor
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