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Feature Request? ISP Speed test?

I don't know if Netgear actually sees these post or not, however Ill post it hoping. Smiley Very Happy It would be really cool if Netgear would add a ISP speed test to there firmware. It would make life so much easier when trying to diagnose speed issues with ISP's.

They sorta have this already for the upstream in the QOS settings. It'd be cool if they would Add downstream test and add speedtest portion to the router.

Thanks for looking.
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Re: Feature Request? ISP Speed test?

To work accurately, the speed test would need to be unique for each ISP so that you're downloading content from one of their internal servers. Otherwise you're dealing with other factors further out and outside the ISP that can affect your speeds. Considering this is trivial to do with a computer connected directly to the router and whatever site your ISP provides, I don't see it as a big need on the router itself.

Far more-useful would be a realtime bandwidth monitor, so you can get some sense of when you're maxing out your internet connection.
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Re: Feature Request? ISP Speed test?

I disagree and in fact that makes little sense. There are many speedtest sites out there not related to ISP.

It would also not have to be 100% Accurate, No speedtest is, Not even if it were indeed located on ISP servers and infact it would be less accurate if it were directly hosted by your ISP.

The Speedtest to test upstream in the QOS uses Ookla.
While Ookla is not directly related to Any specific ISP, Many ISP's use them as the GoTo speedtest.

Also no matter what site is used it would be more accurate from the point of the router as opposed to any PC on the network wired or otherwise.

As for the other factors, You deal with those anyways, no matter who is used.

realtime bandwidth monitor has uses in it own right, However would not really be a good way of gauging speed. Would also be far more resource intensive on the router than a simple speedtest as it would have to maintain an active service. I have 100mbps service and will have 1gbps service next month, Realtime bandwidth monitor will most likely NEVER show me even coming close to maxing out my connection no matter how hard I try.
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Re: Feature Request? ISP Speed test?

Also I should note that using a speedtest on router vs "Any computer on the Network" would eliminate pretty much all points of failure regarding the internal network, Such as bad wiring, Malfunctioning NICs, Packet collisions, Wireled or wireless interference, etc...
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