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Firmware Update R8000

I had the Nighthawk R8000 since it released. I last updated it after Amour came out being working smoothly as it should. So yesterday, I decided to update to latest firmware and seems to cause issues with my connection to the Internet slow and dropping connections on many wifi devices(android phones, Apple devices, IP webcam, laptop, Sky Q), wired connections are fine. I have set up both dual bands with different SSID and passwords. I also use a different IP address.

Any techies know what firmware was the start of Amour so i can restore it back to working order.
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Re: Firmware Update R8000

I have seen a lot of threads where people have updated firmware and have problems . There were two recent R8000 updates and each time i get the notification on the nightawk app about an update i allways get nervous when i hit update. One of the last updates on the tech bulletin it said something about resolving the radio power signal in korea or something like that lol.

I possibly in future might do more research into these updates as having to go back to previous firmware must be a nightmare setting up all the IOT devices again from scratch

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Re: Firmware Update R8000 was the original version with armor.
But you might try a simple factory reset and reinstall prior to downgrading. Many times, if there's issues after a firmware update, a factory reset and reinstall can help.
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Re: Firmware Update R8000

I have the same issue. I did some troubleshooting and it seems DHCP and DNS stop working. I was able to change the DNS ip address on my desktop and after that I was able to get to the internet. I know DHCP stopped because a new desktop connected to ethernet or wifi will not get an IP. Netgear needs to do better QA before an update. I have a router that is useless. I cannot rely on the product to keep a stable connection. Would be nice if Netgear addresses the issue but since we do not pay them for support they will not fix the issue.
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