Firmware Version Issues


Firmware Version Issues

Since updating the firmware to Version for my AC2300 Night Hawk R7000P model, every other day or so I need to reboot the router.  During those times, I wake up to find out all of my wired (Ehthernet) connected devices don't have internet access.  After I reboot the router, internet connection comes back.  Because if this, I rolled back the firmware to the previous R7000P-V1.3.2.134_10.1.66 version, which I never have any issues with in the past, and it resolved that issue so far.  I updated it because it indicated the newest vesion has some security fixes.  For anyone with the same model I have (Night Hawk AC2300 R7000P), have you experienced this issue as well?  Please advise. Thanks.

Model: R7000P|Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Router
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Re: Firmware Version Issues

theres been quite a few posts on the forums about the latest round of updates causing issues. 

I'd stay on the version you're on until a new one comes out. 

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Re: Firmware Version Issues

Hi, yes I have.  I am planning to roll back to my previous version as you did this afternoon.  Looking for the instructions to do so.  I believe all I have to do is download the file from Netgear and install.

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Re: Firmware Version Issues

Yes, just retrieve firmware V1.3.2.134_10.1.66 and complete the roll back process.  I'm hoping Netgear will find the issue with that newer version and resolve it.  Then I will update to the lastest. 


In case you can't find it, I provided you the link.



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