Firmware bugs causing 5gG problems in R7000

I've RMAd one R7000 that was not behaving well with 5G - intermittently but regularly unable to maintain a 5G connection or intermittent but frequent drops in speed to an unusable level.


The new R700 that replaced the old one is doing the same thing despite being factor reset (server times), flashed, re-flashed, updated and generally treated very well.


The problem impacts all devices that are trying to connect using 5G - iOS, Android, PC, Mac. There's just no or very little throughput on the 5G band and ping times in excess of 200ms if the connection works at all.


The problem seems to be triggered mostly - but not always - if a wired device is connected to the router *and* actively using the connection in terms of data use for example by streaming video.


It's very disappointing and it puts me off buying another Netgear device in future especially if I have to buy another router just to get the service I paid for.


The 2.4G is not affected.


This sounds to me like a firmware bug or a chipset problem.


Is there a way of reporting firmware bugs to Netgear and having the bug report taken seriously?


Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: Firmware bugs causing 5gG problems in R7000

Did you try going a few firmware versions back? Might help

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Re: Firmware bugs causing 5gG problems in R7000

What is the speed of your Internet service?

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