Flat network. Topology


Flat network. Topology

Nighthawk wireless ap access point has routing functions so the network is not flat. When I used  the nighthawks in conjunction with other network switches. So calling the unit wireless access point function is not a wireless access point when it is routing network traffic. I know this to be true because it blocks the iTunes server traffic. Because the hard wired iTunes server and nighthawk are both plugged into the main switch together. I Setup the nighthawk as a wireless access point plug into the main switch using the Internet port as shown in the manual. But no iTunes server. I then plug the iTunes server into the back of the nighthawk and the connected devices on nighthawk 1 can see the server and stream had movies. But at the other end of the house with nighthawk 2 the connected devices can not see the iTunes server. Netgear need to get the stuff straight on what the difference between routing a network vs a flat network topology is. As least not call it a "wireless access point" if the unit is routing and blocking port traffic. 

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Re: Flat network. Topology

I don't doubt that things aren't working, but let's try to tease out what's happening.


  1. What are the model numbers of your Nighthawks?
  2. Are the devices that are sitting behind a Nighthawk being placed into a different subnet?  If not, the Nighthawk is not functioning as a router.
  3. Can other devices behind Nighthawk 1 communicate with devices behind Nighthawk 2?
  4. Is your main switch really a switch or is it a router?  If it's a switch, is it plugged into a router?
  5. When the iTunes server was plugged into the main switch, could devices behind Nighthawk 1 ping the server?  How about the direction?  Could the iTunes server ping devices behind Nighthawk 1?
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