GUI not accessible when blocking some devices over wifi


GUI not accessible when blocking some devices over wifi

I recently discoverd this issue:

- R7000 + Samsung TV over wifi (Samsung Smart TV 32 inch - UE32J6370SU).

- the TV is blocked in router access control, but it has the correct password: it actually connects to the wifi, but it doesn't have internet/LAN access as expected

- GUI access enabled through LAN only


As soon as the TV connects to the router and it gets blocked, the gui access is blocked with a timeout

I tried a full reset of router, I tried blocking other smartphones through router access control, but it is only reproductible with the TV

If I turn off wifi through the router front panel, the GUi access is back again. When I turn on the router wifi, I go to the attached devices page and refresh it, I can see that as soon as the TV connects, I won't be able to refresh the GUI (timeout)


Sounds like there is a bug in the router with lates 1.07 firmware where some blocked devices that have the wifi password will hang the GUI

Otherwise, while the GUI access is blocked, the router works perfectly and network access is preserved

Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: GUI not accessible when blocking some devices over wifi

Hi Chopin70,


1. Are you accessing the UI using your TV?

2. When a device is blocked, even if it is connected to the router, it is normal that you won't be able to access internet/LAN including the UI. With this case, are you saying that when your smartphones are blocked, you can still access the UI but not the internet and LAN?


Community Team

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Re: GUI not accessible when blocking some devices over wifi

No, you misunderstood me:

I am trying to access R7000 GUI using my desktop PC

Whenever the blocked TV is turned on, it tries to connect to the router wifi.

As soon as it is connected, it shows briefly in R7000 GUI in existing blocked devices. From that point, the R7000 GUI cannot be accessed.


The LAN and wifi access are properly blocked for the TV. However, the TV connection causes the R7000 GUI to stop responding


This happens only with the TV. I tried to reproduce the issue by adding my smartphones to the blocked list, they do connect, their network access is properly blocked, and the router GUI remains responsive.


- If I turn off the wifi using the router hardware front button, the GUI is again accessible

- When I remove the login credentials from the TV, it can no more connect to the router and won't cause the R7000 GUI timeout



Hope you get the issue. It is clearly a bug in the router managing the way the TV is requesting connection or something like that I guess


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