Going on my 3rd R8300. What is the Deal?

I ordered the R8300 from Amazon and when I recieved the first one, it worked for about 3-4 hours then after a firmware update it got stuck in a reboot loop.  Spent 1 1/2 hours with tech support. Tried a shock reset and several other reset sequences with no success. They said send it back its lost everything, it would not even exept a ping.  So I recieved the replacement today and took it out of the box and plugged it in and nothing, not even a light.  All I hear is faint clicking noise from router.  Is this a good router or should I get my money back and but an ASUS?  I will be getting my 3rd one in 2 weeks in couple days.  Any suggestions? 

Model: R8300|Nighthawk X8 AC5000 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Going on my 3rd R8300. What is the Deal?

I advice people to stay away from the R8xxx line as it has nothing but issues, both hardware and firmware. If you want something decent, go for the R7800. It has its quirks, but far less than the R8xxx line. ASUS is also a very good choice, especially its firmware

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Re: Going on my 3rd R8300. What is the Deal?

@microchip8 is absolutely correct. The whole r8000 line including the r8000p are not worth the effort to take home IMHO. These all suffer and have suffered from firmware issues since day one and are still suffering. I sold my r8000p and got the Asus rt-ac86u which was flawless with Merlin. But being a person who likes to play I got a r7800 as it will run verious versions on 3rd party firmware. It ran well with LEDE on it and today is running well with Voxel on it in AP mode. I went to a Unifi security gateway for my routing. 


So long story short, if you want to stay with Netgear get the r7800 and you will have a lot less suffering. If Asus the ac86u would be a good choice. It seems in my reading of forums that these 2 have a lot less issues then the bigger newer routers, which also cost more. 

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