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mediatrek wrote:
A dynamic QoS feature will be coming to the R8000. Back on 2/24/2015 a video for the R8000 Dynamic QoS was posted to Netgear's YouTube Channel, but removed a week later after I pointed out to Netgear that the firmware has yet to be publically released. They also had a guide on the R8000's download page with a guide that included info on the feature. Plus, it is mentioned in marketing materials sent to resellers (ie: see

If you are choosing between the R7500 & R8000, both have their pros and cons. The biggest con with the R7500 is it's slower boot (and reboot) times due to having to load more due to the mix of chipset vendors used in the model. With the R8000, the biggest con IMO is that the upcoming QoS cloud database is much less "mature" than the Qualcomm-Streamboost based-database the R7500 draws from.

If you can wait, Netgear and others will have new products this spring and early summer which will feature what was previewed at CES 2015 back in January. Personally, I am looking forward to a fully baked MU-MIMO solution that uses Qualcomm's solutions across the board instead of the mix and match of Qualcomm (SoC & 2.4Ghz) and Quantenna (5Ghz) that is the R7500.

Basically, if you will also be using storage (USB 3.0, eSATA) with the router of your choosing, the R7500 is for you. If you will not be using storage features of a router, then the R8000 is your bet. Basically with Dynamic Qos enabled (or not), the R7500 offers better performance in storage features than the R8000.

Basically the R7500 using the Qualcomm-Atheros IPQ processor can better handle processor intensive tasks than the Broadcom chip in the R8000.

Is there some beta program or version available that I could try out?
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Re: Good News Dynamic QoS coming...

mstendah wrote:
Is there some beta program or version available that I could try out?

There is no public beta firmware. There was a closed beta program for it back at the end of last year which can not be shared outside of the closed program due to the terms and conditions. You will have to wait for the actual release when it happens. As to when that will be, I have no idea.
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