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Guest network not working

I created a new guest network and every time I try to connect, it doesn't work. I enabled it and added a password and did everything I was supposed to. Any hints?
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Re: Guest network not working

try without security, I would think it would be same as main SSID but a different PW reset or power cycle
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Re: Guest network not working

Do you see the guest SSID in client devices that you try to connect with, you didn't mention that? Space characters don't work well in SSID's, use hyphen or underscore instead. For the guest network, it will appear on the same channel that you're using for your main wireless network on the 2.4GHz. and 5GHz. bands, so you should also see it there using WiFi Analyzer on an android device, or inSSIDer on a laptop.

It's not complicated as you can see, you just set up an SSID and security, enable the guest network, and that's about it.

If fiddling around a little doesn't do it, I'd have to agree with power cycle first, then reset and manually re-enter your settings if the power cycle doesn't help.
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