Re: HELP Ac3200 triband model R8000


HELP Ac3200 triband model R8000

I have a AC3200 tri-band wifi router R8000. I bought this to be able to get wifi all through my house. The man who sold it to me told me this router would allow me to actually get wifi outside on my deck or my driveway.
I can't even get it in my kitchen and my kids can't get it downstairs in their rooms and one is directly below where the router is.
I am NOT a technology genius at all but I was told by Best Buy that this router would sold all my problems. We had the crappy router from our internet provider b4 (century link) and this router don't do any better than that one.
PLEASE someone tell me step by step what am I doing wrong? I read about channels and 5ghz/2ghz.... I just don't know what the problem is or how I should set this up. I was told I have a year warranty and tech support but that tech support was a lie. So in order to get tech support help I have to pay to talk to someone to help me.
Community Please help me!
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Re: HELP Ac3200 triband model R8000

One could assume your home is rather large and one router will never provide coverage for your needs. I

suggest you read up on access points and how they're positioned and or hire an expert to design a home network.

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