HT160 Network Resource Issue

Have just updated from a decent Asus to try the R7800.  Mostly the 1.7ghz processor.  Forgotten how bad GENIE is.  But that's a different subject.  Once configured the router very snappy, faster than my Asus due to the processor.

Have an issue with the HT160 however.    FW updated yesterday so I'm assuming that is the latest version.

I have two laptop "clients" with dual band wireless, Atheros in one, Broadcom in the other. No Intel wireless cards to be found.

When I enable HT160 the laptops can not see network recources.  They connect fine.  I can connect to network resources if I manually search for the network resource via Map function.  In other words the resouce is there and available.  Just doesn't show up in Network.  I can map the USB attached drive with HT160 ON.  Just can't find it via Network.   I'll post two pictures as its much easier to see than explain.

HT160 ON, no resources.
HT160 OFF, resources.
Does this on BOTH laptops.  
Wired connections show all resources as one would imagine.  Took some time to figure out what was causing this symptom.  Easily duplicated and I did so several times to verify I had found it.

Yes I understand they are not HT160 clients.  Won't connect at higher speeds.  Network resources should not disappear however.  


Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 WiFi Router
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Re: HT160 Network Resource Issue

it is not about two same band or connection. As long as it is associated with router it has to show itself to the network.


It is not likely wired and wireless cant talk to each other. Unless it is different network and subnet.


It is something with your pc network settings. But sometimes changing the conenction will take time to reflect in the network.


Instead when you see the devices in HT160 either in ON or OFF mode map it and give a DHCP IP . So that you could still connect to it even if it is not shown in the network. Its complicated in WIndows.

Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 WiFi Router
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Re: HT160 Network Resource Issue

Thanks but nope.  Hammered everything under the sun.

Turn it ON, no networked resources.
Turn if OFF, lo and behold network resources.

Not sure if its something about SMBv1 only being supported?

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Re: HT160 Network Resource Issue

@jsmiddleton Have you tried submitting a case with support?

You may submit it by going to Make sure that your router is registered.


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