Has NETGEAR Support Been Hacked?


Has NETGEAR Support Been Hacked?

A few days ago my router notified me of new firmware available so I updated.  When I did I permanently lost all internet connectivity and could no longer log into it.  Same thing happened to my EX800 range extended with auto updates turned on.  When I check the support page at Netgear, I discovered that these two firmware versions DID NOT EXIST and latest ones was the ones I previously had.  


After restoring the previous firware on the router and factory resetting and reinstalling previous firmware on the extender everything was fine.  Passwords on all accounts and devices have been changed.


So, what's up with this?  A hack that downloaded bad firmware or is it legit software with a bug but just not posted on the Support page?


I'm sorry I don't have the firmware version that it prompted me to install but it was a significant increment.


I didn't see this anywhere obvious in the forums.  So, sorry if this is a repeat.



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Re: Has NETGEAR Support Been Hacked?

it's legitimate. firmware first gets uploaded to the update server, then put on the download page (and NG is usually late in doing that). I've tried .68 and everything is working fine, except they broke net-wall for IPv6 (net-wall is NG's firewall). I went back to Voxel, though

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