Have to restart R6700v3 to get internet back


Have to restart R6700v3 to get internet back

Purchased a R6700v3 to replace a n600 that exhibited issues of dropped connection, not broadcasting ssid and now it seems that these issues are back still?



A cable modem that is connected to the R6700v3  with firmware V1.0.4.84_10.0.58


Internet connectivity drops, lost connection, can't find SSID on either band


Powering down the cable modem then back on while leaving the R6700v3 on does not work.

Powering down both the R6700v3 and cable modem then back on again works but it makes it impossible to ascertain if it's the router or the cable modem or both?


I've read about heat and overworking the router but the router is located in a cool location and has plenty of airflow around it. The overworking part is also an unknown as having 16-17 devices connected to it though not using everything at one time, the n600 had the same and no issues.


Not sure how to proceed The cable company reports no outtages when this happens so I'm thinking it's something to do with the router, but a brand new router exhibiting the same issue already?

Is there a way to schedule a restart at say 1am for the router?


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Re: Have to restart R6700v3 to get internet back

What modem is it? 

Do you have any issues if you directly wire into the modem? 

A couple things you can try. and the order I'd try in. 

1. Manually update the firmware to version factory reset and then reinstall. 

2. Downgrade the firmware to version Factory reset and reinstall. The newer version have netgear armor built in and not all routers have played nice with it. 


make sure any firmware changes are done over a hardwird connection for best results. 

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