Help! Configuration/Placement Issues!


Help! Configuration/Placement Issues!

Hello all,

First let me explain the layout along with devices used.

My home is 1900 sq ft living.

Networking devices:
I own 2 Netgear Nighthawks (r7000) and 1 Netgear Range Extender (ex6200) and 1 Motorola Surf Modem.

Placement and Devices
1 r7000 hard wired to the Motorola Surf modem.
Gaming Pc hard wired to r7000
Canon printer on wifi

Living Room:
1 r7000 setup in bridge mode (roughly 5' from office r7000 with wall dividing)
PS4 hard wired to living room r7000
PS3 hard wired to living room r7000
Xbox One hard wired to living room r7000
Xbox 360 Wifi
Apple TV3 hard wired to living room r7000
Dish Hopper Wifi

1 ex6200 extending from office r7000 on dual band (roughly 40' from the living room r7000 with a wall dividing)
Apple tv2 hard wired to ex6200
Dish Joey hard wired to ex6200
Nvidia shield wifi (remotes to office gaming pc)
Ps vita (remotes to ps4)
Motorola baby monitor (2.4ghz band

I am getting lower speeds on the ex6200 when connecting from the bedroom than when I connect to the office r7000 from the bedroom.

Obviously I want the best speeds possible because I dropped 550.00 on netgear products.

I am a big gamer mainly but I also stream music and hd movies.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... ANY tips or techniques...

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Re: Help! Configuration/Placement Issues!

An extender will always be slower vs. a bridge because it is repeating the signal.

So you basically have half the actual speed.

A bridge is not repeating but is a client (thus why on physical devices can attach).

Your only options are run a cable for the second wireless to be an AP.

That said, unless you have a weak signal, your speeds should be faster vs. your internet still without needing to do anything.

If the ex6200 is connecting at say 300Mbps you technically on a wireless device connecting to it should get 150Mbps minus overhead (ignore what link speeds say as they are inaccurate when repeating etc. as the link rate is them vs. what they first hit).

What speeds are you seeing though?
What speed is your internet?
What is the link rate between the extender and main wifi?
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