Help w/security firmware for R7000


Help w/security firmware for R7000


I tried to login and take care of this firmware update which Netgear just alerted me to.  The site for doing the router login ( is not accepting any username and password -- nor is allowing me to reset a password.  Evidently, the username and password that I have only works for the Netgear website.  I had no problems logging in there.  How am I supposed to update this firmware without being able to log in?
This is for R7000 Firmware Version
Any help would be much appreciated
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Re: Help w/security firmware for R7000

The username for the router is 'admin' and the password you set (the default is 'password' - no quotes).

If you changed the password (this is recommended) and can't login you can reset the unit to factory defaults. See e.g. What are the factory default settings on my Nighthawk R7000 router and how do I reset to default?

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