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Highest wifi device, fastest router, best accompanying range extender & sub-network?

Hello Experts,


I've just moved home and my old router + Googl Mesh setup isn't cutting it. I'd love to hear your opinion on which setup would be the best for this home. I will keep it mostly in point form to keep it simple.
My Setup/Scenario:

* Smarthome with a LOT of wifi devices- 55+ downlights, laptops, desktops, 5 TVs, 10+ google homes, 8 Wemo Switches, A/C, Security cams, etc.

* Included out the back is a granny flat of which the signal constantly drops from. An Ethernet cable runs to there but seems non-functional at the moment. Having this checked out and confirmed in 10 days. IF the line to this flat doesnt work, I will most likely need a mesh/signal booster to get to this area. If it does work then I will need a device on that end to allow wifi connection from there. Either way it might be beneficial to even have a device that allows for that network to be independant from the main house so that broadcast messages are not played in those premises.

* Kids enjoy a bit of online gaming, or VR usage, Netflix is often in opration in various rooms, and if not Netflix then there's always something being streamed on Spotify.

* Cellular coverage drops in my residential location so I require a solid wifi connection always. 

* NAS hooked up for storage

* Work broadcasts from home often in play

* Current router is setup in the middle of the main house, the granny flat is about 25+ metres/82 ft (& 3-4 walls away) from the router. Hence why I was using google mesh previously. 


I'm contemplating the Nighthawk X10 - Would this be recommended for this setup? And what wouyld you recommend to connect to the other end of the Ethernet line to the granny flat, or if it canonly be connected via wifi, would you have recommendations for this scenario?


Thanks SO much for your knowledge on this one... 


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Re: Highest wifi device, fastest router, best accompanying range extender & sub-network?

You have a lot of devices and a "granny flat".

You also didn't put what the home and exterior walls are made of.  That'll impact performance greatly if its brick, plaster lathe, concrete, adobe, etc. 

With the wire running to the granny flat, I'd do your best to get it working. many times its just the ends that go bad/have issues and they can be cut off and replaced. Hardwiring in the granny flat is the best solution. Making that much distance, even with mesh is going to be a challenge. 


With that many devices and requirements, I'd either go with a wireless mesh AX system or I'd even look at upgrading to a business grade setup with multiple access points. A single router solution is going to struggle 

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