How are you doing firmware updates?


How are you doing firmware updates?

I RMA'd my original router due to DHCP errors and it wouldn't reset. I am running the original firmware V1.0.0.96_1.0.15 on the new router.

I was doing firmware updates through the router update screen and letting the router download and update itself. Would it be better to download updates and upload them to the router from a local wired computer?

I wasn't able to reset the old router but I was wondering if resetting the new router, updating firmware and resetting the router afterwards would be overkill or a good procedure to follow.
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Re: How are you doing firmware updates?

Hi Leeh,

Here's my procedure when I update my router.

1. Save a copy of current settings
2. Revert to factory default settings
3. Upload new firmware
4. Revert to factory default settings
5. Restore saved configuration file.


Note: I never use Netgear Genie and the only time I re-enter settings (which is a chore) is when I notice if the new firmware has additional settings or a new updated GUI
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Re: How are you doing firmware updates?

My procedure is similar to the above, except I don't revert to factory defaults before upgrading, only after. And I power-cycle the router after resetting it, and manually re-enter my configuration (unless I'm reverting to a firmware version for which I have a saved settings file that I'm confident of).

You have to careful when using a saved settings file...if you're re-flashing because of problems, then if you restore your saved settings file, you're going to see the same problems you're trying to fix.
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Re: How are you doing firmware updates?

Hard reset by holding down the reset button for 15 seconds. Use a paperclip, not a pen.

Powercycling works as a reboot when using same FW.
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