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How do I configure DHCP to set specific IPs for DNS Servers?

Hello, I need my router (which is also the DHCP server) to configure the DHCP clients to use a specific IP(s) as their DNS servers. I have entered these IPs into the DNS settings of the 'Internet Setup' pages.

The problem is, the router continues to hand out its own IP address to clients as the DNS server and then act as a forwarder.

Since my DNS servers are internal, I want the clients to query the DNS servers directly. When the DNS requests are forwarded, the DNS servers believe that all requests are coming from the router, which totally screws up all logging.


How can I configure the DHCP server on the router to set the DHCP clients DNS server to a custom IP?




Model: AC2100|Nighthawk AC2100 Smart WiFi Router
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