How should I position my R8000 antennas?


How should I position my R8000 antennas?

I'm trying to figure out how to position my R8000 antenna?  The manual says to position them straight up, but is this the optimum position?  I live in a two story house, and the R8000 is placed on the second floor.   If I am standing next to the R8000, the strength is 5 bars on my laptop.  However, if I’m on the first floor, directly below the R8000, I’m only getting 4 bars on my laptop.    If I’m on the second story, but 10 feet away in a different room, I’m only getting 4 bars again.   I tried raising the R8000 closer to the ceiling, but that didn’t seem to change anything. 


So the antennas still be pointing straight up when I’m on a two story house?  Or should half be pointing down for the first level and half remain straight up to handle the traffic on the second story?  Does it matter which antenna I point up verse down?  I don’t see any write-up on the range pattern.   Can someone explain how I should be setting up the antennas?



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Re: How should I position my R8000 antennas?

straight up is for when you want to cover mostly the same floor. If you want to cover other floors as well, bend them at 45 degrees angle. Remember that the wifi signal is donut-shaped. Below are some images that explain it

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Re: How should I position my R8000 antennas?

Don't look at that bar indicator. At least you should run Acrylic or inSSIDer to see signal

strength i dbm. Then do some experiment watching that number in dbm.

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Re: How should I position my R8000 antennas?

Hi jeromefong,


The positio of the antennas should be vertically.

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