How to: Configure Per-Device Parental Controls using OpenDNS


How to: Configure Per-Device Parental Controls using OpenDNS

Problem: OpenDNS does not work on my router through any means. The Netgear Genie app will allow me to create an OpenDNS account, however it will not connect to it, making it impossible to use OpenDNS router-wide without first creating an OpenDNS account and then manually configuring OpenDNS servers in my router's internet settings. (This might be ideal if I wanted ALL devices to use the same level of OpenDNS protection. Since we're not all 12 years old, I don't, so I'm sharing the work-around below.)


How to enable OpenDNS on an R7000

After days troubleshooting this issue, I have found that the only way to use OpenDNS with my Netgear router is to configure it for each device that requires Parental Controls. Note that per-device OpenDNS configuration DOES NOT WORK if you have Parental Controls enabled on your router.


Manual Configuration of OpenDNS

1. Create an OpenDNS account at

2. Login and add your network to this account.

3. Set the restriction levels for your network to your desired level of OpenDNS protection by clicking on your network's IP address twice.

4. Login to your router at

5. Verify that Parental Controls are disabled on your router.

6. On any device that requires OpenDNS protection, use OpenDNS device configuration settings to manually add OpenDNS's DNS servers. (A list of devices is found here:


It would be nice if Netgear would fix this issue and allow specific device exceptions through the router interface. In the mean time, I hope this helps to keep your devices secure from the various badness in the wilds of the internet.


Edited to clarify steps. Hope this helps!

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: How to: Configure Per-Device Parental Controls using OpenDNS

Netgear does need to fix this as setting it up manually through OpenDNS's dashboard only works for IPv4. I use IPv6, which the built in parental controls work with. It's incredibly frustrating that Netgear hasn't put out a statement that a core feature isn't working, OpenDNS thankfully stepped up to the plate to let customers know. Personally I don't think Netgear cares, and they just want everyone to switch to Circle. Circle offers no phshing protection like OpenDNS does, so it's useless to me.

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