How to I revert back to old Firmware?


How to I revert back to old Firmware?

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

I purchased the R8000 router around April 15th. I read about some flakey software but I figured they would push out an updated and fix it and sure enough they did and the router worked great! Well... a week or two ago they pushed out another Firmware update and my router has been horrible every since.

About once or twice a day my internet connection slows down to almost nothing. If I test on the router itself though using the speedtest tool it measures 300mb/20mb... but if I test through the wifi it's about 2mb down.. and even that 2mb is slow enough to be unusable.

I'd like to just revert back to the old firmware I was using before this more recent "update" and change the settings to prevent new firmware from auto updating and killing my internet connection.

Any help? Possible? Thanks!
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Re: How to I revert back to old Firmware?

You just need to follow the normal upgrade process, but ignore any warning that you are about to install an older version.

I suggest that you factory reset the router after the firmware change and re-enter settings manually, so note down any non-default settings before you begin.
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Re: How to I revert back to old Firmware?

Download older version from support site unzip if zipped and then browse to saved location an you haand select and ignore older version warning.
I always thought the "normal" to be when the router notified user that a update was available.
Lastly just because A update is available it doesn't meve to install it.
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Re: How to I revert back to old Firmware?

For step by step process, check this KB article.
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