Re: How to access the USB stick wirelessly? R7000 (4427667D73DF6)


Re: How to access the USB stick wirelessly? R7000 (4427667D73DF6)

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Don't worry, the fucntionality, the requirements, the settings for all Netgear routers, specifically the Nighthawk models, are very similar.


One thing which help you (and the community) is the ability to see what you see. Windows does come with a utility named Snipping Tool - click on the Windows main menu icon (bottom let by default), and start typing Snipping Tool ... launch it when you want to show a screen, click-hold-and-drag-over the area you want to show, and use File -> Save as ... stick with .png type - these screen captures can be uploaded, it's under mandatory moderation (even for us old crows with thousands of posts - they don't appear to trust us, scared of naked women or bad jokes on software engineering (but hey, it's all true...):


Snipping Tool.PNG


Next on your Windows 10 system - same location - search for Windows Features - once it shows, click on it, in the WIndows Features list, scroll down to SMB 1.0/CIFS, open the tree, select all fields, and [Apply]. Again, we need this because of Microsoft dropped NetBIOS host announcement and name resolution (along with SMB 1.0/CIFS protocol), _and_ Netgear is ignorant (or extremely slow) for making WSD available on thier routers - as of writing, and years after the Microsoft annoucement that the day will come - still not a single one does come with WSD support.  

Windows Features - SMB 1.0-CIFS all ticked.PNG


Reboot the Windows 10 system - as it's (rarely) required.

Now either you should see the router as "ReadySHARE" in Windows Explorer - Network - in the Computer section. This does (why ever) seem to work just randomly - here it does not show up (just to other Computers with storage services):

Windows Explorer - Network - Computer.PNG

If it does not show up so it can't be clicked - in the Windows Explorer path line, type \\readyshare (or for the sake of it alternately the router LAN IP, like \\ ) and press Enter. Voila, here is the Shared Folder configued (hopefully) on ReadsSHARE:

Windows Explorer - Network - type readyshare.PNG


To acess it, you must configure the ReadySHARE Shared Folder for read and read-write for the admin user (the only user the Nighthawk are suppoting for now) - the "guest" acess (non-authenticated access) is by default no longer possible by Microsoft Windows (for good reasons...):

Shared Folder admin admin.PNG


Don't worry - we make you a computer literate now. Thank you for reading and following!




this the results

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Re: How to access the USB stick wirelessly? R7000 (4427667D73DF6)

There is no Network Folder (Share Name) - so nothing to access. Use the [Create Network Folder], in the pop-up you can select the connected USB device, browse to the right folder (the device root is common for the complete drive access), define a Share Name ...

Create Network Folder.PNG

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Re: How to access the USB stick wirelessly? R7000 (4427667D73DF6)

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So the question becomes why USB connection method. Of all the direct connect possibilities, it would be the last one I'd use. Wireless first is the easiest.

Agree - however, with a printer is in reach of the router permitting a cable, the best solution is undoubted a network cable 8-)

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Re: How to access the USB stick wirelessly? R7000 (4427667D73DF6)

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this the results

Good, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Now I have to ask, IS anything plugged into either USB port? I assume from the subject a USB Stick?


What size? Which port? Make and model of stick? What is the filesystem on it? Does the stick work on a PC?


Normally that page should fill in with the drive assigned at the root. Your picture shows nothing.


Assumption then is there is a filesystem error (needs CHKDSK run on it), stick is not compatible with the R7000's FS (try another stick or external drive), or a h/w issue.

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