How to set up 5ghz on R5800


How to set up 5ghz on R5800

I'm a total noob here so forgive me; been using a Wgr61 for years.  I just got an R5800 and don't know how to use the 5 ghz option.  I want to hook up my computer cable to 5 ghz.  Do I just switch the cable from the 2.4 ghz slot 3 to a 5 ghz  slot?


I had to set up my router with netgear support because every time I tried to install it I lost my internet connection.  The tech told me to use slot 3 (I thought I should use slot 1 or 2 from the get go).  I am therefore nervous about using the 5ghz option.  I didn't find any info on line, so help is much appreciated.


Intel Haswell, 16gb ddr4,  x99ftw.


Let me know what additional info you need.


Again, I appreciate your help.

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Re: How to set up 5ghz on R5800

That's kind of like selling your VW for a Ferrari! Smiley Wink Surely not for the faint of heart..


The terms 2.4ghz and 5ghz refer to wireless frequency ranges. You can't plug into them. You can, however, plug into the LAN ports, that are on the router. Your connection speed, depending on your devices NIC card and ethernet cable type, will connect at 10,100, or 1000 Mbps. 


I think you have 6 LAN ports? I beleive ports 1 and 2 are for Link Aggregation, which I think, can be used as LAG or not. The manual should cover that off. 


Here's a link to the manual. Have a read..

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Re: How to set up 5ghz on R5800

Thanks for giving me that info on the manual.  I've read through it and made changes to my router.  I am simply amazed at what my R8500 can do.


The manual does not specifically reference cableing the pc too either of the two 5gz ports (1 and 2) on the router.  The manual does say that the 2-5ghz channels are for NAS backup, which seems like a waste  of 2 ports to me as a home user and gamer.


I understand from the manual that the R8500 distributes the signal across multiple units for greater erriciency.  However, I want my computer to get the fastest signal at 5.0 ghz.  Since I pay the bills the tv in the living room and various family devices can get the 2.4 ghz.


So, back to my original question, can I just plug my pc ethernet cable into slot 1 of the r8500 router?








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Re: How to set up 5ghz on R5800

You can always use any of the LAN ports (1-6) at the back of the router for you to connect your computer with an ethernet cable.

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Re: How to set up 5ghz on R5800


I think cadred is asking if it’s possible for the r8500 to be setup to give bandwidth priority to a predefined PC…


namely his…


So he can use all the internet bandwidth and let the rest of the household live off the scraps… lol… I like this idea..


So is there ?????



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