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How to tie a distant WiFi IoT device into a R7000 router

I have a Nighthawk R7000 connected to my modem. The WiFi does not reach into my garage though, where I have one IoT device that only operates on WiFi. How do I integrate that into my network? All I need is to translate the IoT device's WiFi signal to Ethernet and forward it to one of the LAN ports on the R7000. So I purchased a R6080 WiFi router, which I used to create a separate WiFi network for the garage. I tried connecting that either via the WAN or LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the R7000, but neither way worked. I tried configuring the R6080 as an access point as well, but as soon as I did that I could no longer reach it via its IP address in my browser. During night I want to shut the WiFi signals on all routers off though, which is why I love the Nighthawk app (Orbi would work but does not have that feature). And I have not come across a WiFi repeater which allows scheduling the WiFi signal to turn on/off at specific times. Any good recommendation on how to get this working?

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: How to tie a distant WiFi IoT device into a R7000 router

When you connect an AP to a router, you need to find out which IP address the router has given to it and use that to login into the AP and not the default address when operating as router Vs AP

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