I can't get in my C7100V Modem Router


I can't get in my C7100V Modem Router

I had good access to my router in the past; I changed the password, modified some settings, etc. But I couldn't log into it this morning. I kept getting "Unauthorized. Authorization is required to log into this site" which flashed quickly then was replaced by, 

"We can help you to reset the router's admin password.Please complete the information below and

click Continue."

I don't know who the "We" is and the URL is "". Pretty generic message.

However, I entered some temporary information in the blanks and ultimately was routed back to the same screen: "We can help you ...", reminiscent of my military days when getting an inspection from higher headquarters. 

Anyway, I was in a loop. So, I reset the router. It didn't help. I also powered it off and back on. I'm getting the same error messages and can't log in.

I really need to get in and I'd sure appreciate some help.


Thank you,



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Re: I can't get in my C7100V Modem Router

Please disregard. I was using Vivaldi and DuckDuckGo. When I triedwith firefox I got in. Sorry about the posting.


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Re: I can't get in my C7100V Modem Router

Thanks for posting your fix. Could help others. 

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