Re: I will **Never** buy another Netgear!


I will **Never** buy another Netgear!

In the past , I have purchased Linksys , Dlink , Ubiquiti and several other brands.


I purchased a Netgear because I liked the idea of Disney circle built into it.


1) Disney Circle does not work.  with the latest firmware - all you have to do is restart the router and it is completely switched off , leaving my precious children wide open to the dangers of the internet.


2) Several other people have complained about this here: - and Netgear don't seem to care.


3) The router is completely useless to me , and it was much more expensive than what I would usually spend.


4) in chrome , support did not work ,  once the product is registered the "my support" goes to an empty section , although I did finally get it going on Edge Browser.


So , the netgear will go in the bin , I have purchased a linksys and flashed the firmware with Untangle.  A bit more technical than I would like , but it is keeping my kids safe! 


My wife is the president of the Parent / teacher Association at school , and we will most definietely NOT be recommending netgear for parents to keep their children safe.


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Re: I will **Never** buy another Netgear!

This is my experience with the R7000 after more than 2 years using it.


The thing with this router is that it's firmware easily gets corrupted when settings are changed. This therefore affects the performance of the router which manifests itself in internet disconnects, wifi signals weakening/going out, lower internet speed/bandwidth, etc.


The best thing to do if you want to change settings is to hard reset the router and manually input both your old and new settings. Changing settings w/o a hard reset will just slowly corrupt the firmware and that's when router performance problems start. A simple reboot of the router after a settings change is not enough since firmware corruption will still happen.


I know its tedious to hard reset every time you want to change settings but that's the only way to maintain the performance of this router over longer periods. Hopefully, NETGEAR support can finally solve this problem.

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Re: I will **Never** buy another Netgear!

I have tried backing up settings and then hard resetting , then restore from settings.  


STILL , all that is required to bypass the Disney circle is to switch the routers power off and then on. Which is not just a little change .. it leaves it with NO parental settings at all..  So .. effectively useless. 


If you think I am going to load all the port forwarding for VOIP manually etc and any other settings specific to our router after a hard reset - then you are dreaming and so is Netgear.  That alone is reason enough for me to change brands.


I am now using a Linksys WRT 1900 ACS with untangle firmware.  For home use this is fine.  Would be nice to have an iphone app .. but at least I know my children are not going to be exposed to the "Raw" Internet ...  I will keep looking though. 


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Re: I will **Never** buy another Netgear!

For the record.. I did reset to factory settings , then loaded all the settings manually.  this does NOT resolve the issue.


I am done with Netgear .  Permanently .  There is no guarantee that this will not happen again. Keeping children might be a priority with Disney Circle , but it is most certainly not with Netgear. Linksys with Untangle is my choice and working well.  It doesn't quite have the ease of Circle with it's nice app.  but you can configure with the same granularity ( and better ) - and at least it is stable and works. ( I have no affiliation with Untangle ) .

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