Re: I will never buy a Netgear product again...


I will never buy a Netgear product again...

One year and 2 days ago I bought a netgear ac1900 wireless router. From day one it never worked right, and I had several discussions with netgear support. I even got an rma on the router several months ago, but stupidly decided to limp along with a router that wasn't right. Signal wasn't strong, it would drop connection, etc. Well last night it decided to stop broadcasting completely. I contacted netgear support, and they decided that even with the history of the router, and the fact that this is only 2 days after the warranty expired (actually it died last night which was only one day), they won't do anything for me. While technically they are right since the warranty expired a day or two ago, I am left with a dead router that never worked right, and have to go buy another now. Netgear has decided to stick to the letter of the law, and I have decided never to buy a product they make again.

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Re: I will never buy a Netgear product again...

Sorry for your experience.  Mine has been going strong for over 2 years now.


You might want to try a TP-LINK AC1900 Dual Band Wireless AC Gigabit Router (Archer C9).  I purchased one for my mom and it has a 2 year warranty.  I still like my R7000 but the Archer C9 is working fine.


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Re: I will never buy a Netgear product again...

Thanks. I'm mostly disappointed in netgear's response, although as I said they are withing their rights to refuse to help. I already bought an archer ac1900 from costco this morning. It is the same as the c9 but with slightly stronger range, different antenna. Hard to beat the value, on sale for $110 shipped.

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Re: I will never buy a Netgear product again...

I love the way they have an overly complicated forum with multiple sub forums that allow the hiding of posts very easily.


i remeber a day when netgear products were regarded as the industry standard, those days are long gone.


but what infuriates me the most, like yourself, is there response and replies to problems, the we don't give a s**t attitude is aweful and very unwelcome ! 


Amazon learnt there lesson about this the hard way, check out there customer service nowadays, for the most part it's damn good. 


Netgear need to smarten the F*** up and start supporting there loyal client base and listening to their/our problems.


Disgusting service...


Like there release of firmwares that just cripple or kill products ....


Firmware killed my router



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Re: I will never buy a Netgear product again...

This was a pretty bad experience, that's for sure. Now I am a happy user of tp link routers. Might add an extender at some point. Cheaper, and their products (from user reviews) just seem to work. Easier setup, and from the minute it was powered up, performance has been better than with my now dead nighthawk...which goes into our router graveyard. Netgear may not care, but maybe some potential customers will...

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Re: I will never buy a Netgear product again...

Worst product ever! I got my mom a,surfboard all in one and it is older than my 7000 and way more reliable! I am angry that Best Buy recommended this piece of cral! I will be replacing it tomorrow. Not worth the trouble.
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Re: I will never buy a Netgear product again...

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Re: I will never buy a Netgear product again...

The sad reality is, that with all this negative feedback towards netgear, nothing will ever change. They obviously could care less, as these practices have continued to exist with them, along with the slow rollout of firmwares and security updates.  I guess once they get your money, their happy and set, and that's all that matters.  

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Re: I will never buy a Netgear product again...

My R7000 has been good but I don't know what I would do if I was having hardware problems one year later out of warranty.uld 


I agree they should have just RMAd it for you.. 2 days out of warranty is just being **bleep**.   It would have cost them nothing really


Before getting my R7000  I tried a Linkysys 6900 which was ok  but the range was not as much as I expected.   I then tried an ASUS 68P (refurbished)

which had incredible range..  WIth both though I found out my internet connection was having issues and that was the reason I sometimes lost internet...  nothing to do with the routers...but I didn't know that at the time.   It was an odd problem.


Still  I will say on the older Linksys  (though old is a misnomer as they still sell them in stores)   the firmware was last revised in 2014.  

I found it hard to believe they found nothing wrong in the firmware to update it in 2 years but still sell it.  


The ASUS seemed incredible  but the the problems I was having  caused me to have doubts about it since it was a refurbished unit..


I then brought the R7000 based on the online smallnetbuilder reviews.  Some linksys units at the time seemed to have questionable firmware/hardware problems..   really only netgear and asus and tplink "seemed" to be  updating their firmware.    


Good luck with the will probably serve you better than a wonky netgear unit.   I doubt there is anything you can  do to improve've managed my expectation..if mine starts acting up next year I now know Netgear will do nothing for me.

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