ISP Compatibility


ISP Compatibility

Hello I have a quick question.  I want to confirm if AT&T  is compatible with the "Netgear Nighthawk X4 ac322"? On the box it says xfinity, spectrum, and MORE, but i cant find out the "More". 


1) Is this router/modem compatible with AT&T fiber connection?

2) Could you please provide a link with the ISP's this router/modem is compatible with?

3) Could you all please recommend a router you think is great and would work well with AT&T fiber connetion?


Thank you all very much.


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Re: ISP Compatibility

No. AT&T requires the use of there Gateway device. You can add your own router but not a modem/router combo. There are forums that discuss bypassing the gateway all together and hooking a router right to the optical network terminal if you feel the need to go that route. But outside of that there is no way around using there gateway. 

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Re: ISP Compatibility

I made a very small error in my orginal post.  It is the "Netgear Nighthawk X4 ac3200".


Also, i already know that one has to use AT&T's gateway.  Again, my question is whether the above is compatible with AT&T, meaning, can i plug this router into the AT&T gateway and function properly.

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Re: ISP Compatibility

> [...] It is the "Netgear Nighthawk X4 ac3200". [...]


   Still, none of that is a model number.  Look at the product label?


> [...] can i plug this router into the AT&T gateway and function
> properly.


   You can connect the WAN/Internet Ethernet port of practically any
router to a LAN Ethernet port of practically any other
modem/router/whatever, and it should work.  "properly" is another
question, depending on what this (unspecified) "the AT&T gateway"
is/does, and what sort of functionality you require.


   For example, cascading multiple routers can cause multiple problems.
So, if the (unspecified) "the AT&T gateway" includes a router, then
"properly" may be a problem.

   Why, exactly, do you want to add the "Netgear Nighthawk X4 ac3200" to
your network?  Does it have fancy router features which the
(unspecified) "the AT&T gateway" lacks, or are you trying to improve
your wireless-network coverage, or what?


   If "improve your wireless-network coverage", then you should be able
to configure the "Netgear Nighthawk X4 ac3200" as a wireless access
point (instead of as a full-function router), and connect it to
practically any other router.


> [...] You can add your own router but not a modem/router combo. [...]


   You may not _need_ a modem, but some modem+router combination devices
can be used as simple routers.



   In any case, accurate descriptions of your hardware (with actual
makers and model numbers), and a clear description of what you're trying
to do, might be more helpful than all this vague stuff.

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