ISP DNS fields are blank


ISP DNS fields are blank

I have a dynamic IP from my ISP. I notice that on the INTERNET SETUP tab the IP/SUBNET/GATEWAY values are populated, but the DNS fields are blank. Anyone else have that?

Firmware V1.0.2.164_1.0.15
1xRBR50 1xRBS50 2xRBS40
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Re: ISP DNS fields are blank

I did not have the fields blank, but I had problems with internet drops which I concluded were in part caused by the DNS, which I had blamed on Comcast, but when I put static public dns addresses in, the entire problem went away.
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Re: ISP DNS fields are blank

It should populated from your ISP .

You can just use Google DNS for time being and contact Netgear support about the issues
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Re: ISP DNS fields are blank

If your DNS is working, this is fine, your router is using your ISP's DNS servers. The only time that those DNS address fields are populated on this minimal GUI is when you specify your own (like Google DNS). If the router gets DNS server addresses from your ISP, those fields are indeed blank. So you're seeing what you should see, oddly enough. There are several items that I'm used to seeing in web admin GUI's that are not included in the R7000 GUI. Perhaps in the interests of simplicity, but for those of us that have had several routers, it is confusing and there's information that you're used to being able to get that you cannot get. However, my router is working very well with the latest firmware, so I'm down with that *smile*.
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Re: ISP DNS fields are blank

I should add that the addresses of the DNS servers that you're currently using are in the "Advanced Status" -> "Internet Port" -> "Domain Name Server". So this is there in the status information for the router, just not where you might be used to *smile*.
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