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Idle Connection Timeout

I posted a thread that has now been closed out about idle connections being dropped. Specifically I am experiencing this with SSH connections to my remote server that when left idle for a period of time get killed by my R8000 router. I tried updating the firmware to the latest and I am still getting this idle connection timeout. Please advise.
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Re: Idle Connection Timeout

Any news on this? Is there a better place to be posting issues like this rather than this forum? There doesn't seem to be much traction here.
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Re: Idle Connection Timeout

I do not see this option on Home Routers and don't know if NETGEAR is going to create a firmware for this.
But the NETGEAR (Business) Prosafe firewalls has the option for idle timeout.

For SRX5308 see page 36 :

For FVS318G see page 2-7 :

For FVS336Gv2 see page 20 :
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Re: Idle Connection Timeout

That is ridiculous that the router kills idle connections after a default amount of time. All other home router brands I've used don't do this. It should err on the side of the user and leave the connection open rather than killing it if they aren't going to allow this to be configurable. Unreal.
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Re: Idle Connection Timeout

Are you certain this is timing out at the router level?

I've got an idle SSH session to a client's Linux server that shows I've been connected for....

9 days, 14 hours, 12mins, 18 seconds

(I've been monitoring their Rsync backups and verifying that all of their Cron's are working)

They have an R8000 on their end, so I doubt it's the router. (Although, connections initiated from behind the R8000 may be treated differently)
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