Improving speed and coverage


Improving speed and coverage

Hello everyone, I just received Nighthawk AX12 router as being the Premier member. I was wondering how do I maximize the coverage signal for 5Ghz of AC in my house? I have been using Netgear Orbi and I'm loving it. But now with this new router, I want to know if I'm able to get full speed all around the house. 


I placed my router at the far end of the house on the second floor (which is close to the driveway and above the garage) and the kitchen (in the first floor) is at the other side of the house, kitchen is close to the backyard. I tried playing around with it today, I moved to the kitchen today, 5Ghz seemed to disappeared and it got connected to Orbi instead. Is there a way to keep connected to it or something? I started to feel like that the 5GHz seemed to have less signal to give out when in range. 

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Re: Improving speed and coverage

I doubt it, the AX12 can't beat physics. There's so much you can do to extend the signal until physics limitations come and bite you. We are at the end of that extension. Better is to stick to your APs and/or Orbi as you do

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Re: Improving speed and coverage

Remember, 5 GHz may be faster than 2.4 GHz, but it has a shorter range.

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