Is Netgear ever going to fix the R8000 firmware??


Is Netgear ever going to fix the R8000 firmware??

In the past there have been multiple posts about the buggy V1.4 series of firmware for the R8000. While there have been 3 official releases of the V1.4* firmware, they all share the same problem. Yes, I install it and then do a factory reset, have been through this so many times I have lost count. Everything will work just fine for maybe an hour or so, then ALL connected devices lose connection to the router, INCLUDING the computer that is connected via ethernet rather than wireless. I can usually get the wired computer to reconnect by running the network troubleshooter which resets the ethernet adapter. The wireless hardware will simply never reconnect without a reboot of the router. Rebooting the router every hour or so is a tad annoying, lol. The V1.3* firmware works just fine but lacks the security updates of the 1.4* series. God Almighty, it has been months. I have been a loyal Netgear customer for years, but I am getting ready to switch. This is just ridiculous.
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Re: Is Netgear ever going to fix the R8000 firmware??

Thank goodness I am not the only one experiencing this problem. I paid a lot of money for a router that is completely unreliable. I rely on this device for business and at this point I'm ready to ditch Netgear unless they fix this ASAP.

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Is Netgear ever going to fix the R8000 firmware??

I am in the same boat and I am a newbie. I went from an ASUS router that worked fine until it got hit during the storm, I bought the Netgear NightHawk X6 R8000 and tried multiple work around and canr get it to work with my Magic Jack. My Magic Jack doesn't even show up on the router. I tried asking on the forum but got no response. People on the forum dont in most cases dont write their updates or resolution, which would make the forum work as intended. I am fraustated.

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Re: Is Netgear ever going to fix the R8000 firmware??

Like many, I have been waiting for Netgear to "fix" the R8000's problems. My thought is that they may be trying to fix it, but the evidence so far is that they can't. Why not is anyone's guess; hardware limitations, firmware bugs, lack of desire or competence?

But I needed a functioning, stable home network, which I now have - but it took this;



Turn off: Auto wireless channels - select them manually.

Turn off: QoS

Turn off: Parental Controls

Turn off: DNLA Media Server

Turn off: R8000 2.4 Radio (horribly slow) and add a separate wireless access point for 2.4 wireless connections.

Turn off: Smart Connect on 5GHz Radio, assign channels manually, use unique SSID names.

So far (after 2 years of problems) not a blip, problem, disconnect, re-boot, or wireless slow down in 3 months.

So my learning was, if you buy/own the R8000, just turn off it's features and add an AP.

The home network is now properly handing XBox gaming, video streaming, multiple TiVo's, 10 wireless devices, 4 wired PCs, and 3 security cameras.



Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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