Lights on, nobody's home...


Lights on, nobody's home...


I've had my Nighthawk for about 4-5 months, no problems, all has been great. Yesterday, the family thought things were getting flaky. When i looked at it, one of the Ethernet port lights is amber, but there is nothing plugged in. The router is very flaky, slow, not allowing wireless devices to connect. Tried plugging a laptop in to the port, it lit up, when i unplugged it, it stayed lit.

Any thoughts out there? maybe a power hit fried something?

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Re: Lights on, nobody's home...

I would try hard reset the router and observe it. Still same results of getting LAN ports lid with not devices are plugged in then I would think you have some faulty unit.

If unit still under warranty contact support for possible RMA exchange
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June Mizoguchi-
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Re: Lights on, nobody's home...

While I agree with June, suggesting a hard reset... I can also speak from first hand experience in that most of the time I've seen devices 'hold' LED indicators on, it's usually indicative of a hardware problem. (possibly a power surge, but not always)

I predict an RMA in your future.
~ Shadowlore
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