Log out of bypass


Log out of bypass

I am trying to log out of my bypass that I set up on my tablet a long time ago but now that Genie is updated to Nighthawk, I can't seem to do it. Does anyone know how to log out?

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Re: Log out of bypass

@mckinneyd wrote:

I am trying to log out of my bypass ....


What does that mean?




Explain what you are doing and where it goes wrong.


Every little detail helps.




Just another user with a set of boilerplate macros.

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Re: Log out of bypass

I created a bypass using OpenDNS through the Genie app. It allowed me to bypass the filters that were set up for my children that didn't apply to me. I can't log out of the bypass account now... this is preventing me from being able to change any of the filters on that device.

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