Losing destination to wireless devices in AP mode

I am using the R7000 in AP mode, connected to a VDSL modem/router. All of my devices connect to the R7000 (that's how I want it). I have devices connected both wired and wireless.

I am running into an issue in that wireless devices seem to lose track of where they live in the R7000. I try pinging them and I get "Destination host unreachable". It only happens w/ the wireless devices. It's happening w/ a wireless printer that I have (that has its own internal web server for configuration), IP cameras. These connect on the 2.4Ghz frequency. I don't have any of this kind that can connect on 5Ghz to test if it's unique to a frequency or not.

Rebooting the router tends to help, although sometimes it seems like I need to reboot it a couple of times.

I used to run the R7000 in router mode, but I no longer have that option.

I am running firmware V1.0.3.56_1.1.25

I tried one reset already.

Any thoughts/suggestions? Anyone else having this problem?

I am about to start a call to Netgear support, but I'm afraid I will spend hours w/ level 1 doing things that may have nothing to do with this.
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Re: Losing destination to wireless devices in AP mode

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